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“These two are without a doubt, the greatest film duo you will meet ever.”



we are erin + dezi marino, and we create films that make you feel things.

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We met in high school, but we weren’t quite sweethearts.

The first time we met, I was giving a presentation on creating a Photoshop effect (anyone remember when grunge was big? Yup, I was into that). Nervous and a little shy, I gave my presentation, and Dezi was part of the group watching.

He immediately took notice, and it didn’t take long before we worked on film projects together in our cinematography class.

Around prom time, I worked up the courage to ask Dezi to his prom, where he politely turned me down! Like…what?! Dezi did ask me for a dance at prom, and I agreed. When we were at the prom though…we never found each other! How in the heck that happened, we don’t know. But I got that dance on our wedding day!

Fast forward a bit, and I’m almost done with college, and Dezi just freshly graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. We reconnected when I sent him a Facebook message after seeing his recent graduation post, hoping Dezi well. Thank goodness for the social media age!

Once we met up again, we were inseparable.

Our personalities perfectly balance each other, with Dezi being very left brained; he’s techy, calculated in his thoughts & actions, and is always looking to make everyone laugh. I’m very right brained: sensitive, expressive, and not afraid to bring it on the dance floor!

When we were planning our wedding, we didn’t find the kind of wedding cinematographers that we wanted: cinematic, emotional storytelling. With Dezi’s film knowledge, and my gentle push, together we created our film company.

We are the creative powerhouse couple, driven to foster meaningful connections with our couples; to create one of a kind, moving works of art for them.

No story is too small, and no love is too big not to share.

We are currently based in our dream location, Charlotte North Carolina. We have traveled all over, with places including Florida, N.& S. Carolinas, Georgia, New York, and Connecticut. We will gladly travel to any and new locations our couples dream up.



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