Welcome to our gallery! We've hand selected these films to showcase the different kinds of films we offer, and to help inspire you when thinking about how you would like your wedding film to look and feel. Please be sure to check out our FAQ located at the bottom of the gallery.

We can't wait to work with you!

- Dezi + Erin



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How would you define your style?

  • Definitely cinematic. We don’t plant a camera, press record, and hope for the best. We like to think creatively and approach every wedding differently than the last. I have a running joke with Dezi about “letting the shot speak to me,” and it’s very true! We like to plan for specific shots we want to capture, but make sure to leave enough openness that things can happen organically. When editing your piece, we tend to air on the moodier side of style, but not drastically dark. We like seeing your faces and the details you’ve spent a lot of time planning for!


What makes you different?

  • We are not filmmakers that sit back in the corner. We love to get to know our couples and what makes them smile, what makes them laugh, and anticipate their needs. Before your wedding day, I can guarantee we will exchange many emails, calls, FaceTime convos, and even meet ups (and a whole lot of coffee!) before your wedding day. You will know exactly who Dezi and I are, and that’s so very important to us. We want you to feel comfortable with us enough, that when we do ask for you to read something or ask a question direct to camera, that you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll know the reason why we are asking. 


Do you stage shots?

  • Yes and no. Primarily no, though. We let things happen as organically as possible, while trying to keep staged things to a minimum. When doing your bridal portrait session especially, we like to think of how your photographer will ask you to possibly pose, then we capture the lead up into that pose. We capture the movement, the little looks between each other, a giggle here and there. There are some moments where we may ask to do the shot again (like zipping up your dress, or adjusting a tie), but we try our hardest not to. Usually before your wedding day, we will come up with our own shot list so we know exactly what we want to accomplish and how to execute that. We do a lot of planning and thinking that revolves around you as a couple, and how we translate that into your film. 


Do you use lighting to film?

  • We are natural light filmmakers. That means we use as much available light as possible. Open spaces with ample light are perfect for us when filming. We do have lights, but we only use them during the reception, because it’s super dark.


Will I have to speak on camera?

  • We would absolutely LOVE it if you and your fiancé did! Sometimes we will sit you down (separately) and ask you one or two questions direct to camera during the day. This is straight from you and holds so much power in your film. It’s a private moment to either share your thoughts about your fiancé, the day, etc. If you plan on doing a written letter to each other, or have special vows to read, we also ask to let us do a quiet recording session (usually takes 10min at most). Audio is such an important driver for storytelling in our films. The more content we capture, the more meaningful the film!


How do you capture audio? Do you have your own mic for ceremony?

  • We capture audio through at least 4 (yes, four) different means. We have wireless mics that we will attach to the Fiancé and the Officiant, then we have one audio hooked directly into the DJ/audio board, and a “safety” audio that we put near a speaker. It’s incredibly important, especially for the Ceremony, to have a DJ or audio person that handles audio specifically for your guests to hear, and for us to have an additional source of audio. That way we have redundancy and always have some source of audio to lean on if something happens (like wind, for example!). We do not have a microphone for use during the ceremony. 


Why all day coverage?

  • When we first started our company, we used to offer hourly packages (6, 8, 10 hours, etc). We began to realize that trying to film as much as we could in a wedding day for 6 hours posed two major problems: we were missing content to cover, and we weren’t able to push our films to be better every time. Filming is very different from taking a photo, even though they are two sides of the same coin. We want only the best film possible for you, so when we sat down and really thought about it, we knew we needed to be filming a wedding day far longer than what we offered. Now we are able to not miss a moment, plan creatively, and make a fully defined film for you. 


Have you worked with my photographer before?

  • The wedding market for photographers is such an incredibly VAST market, so the answer may be a no. However, chances are that your photographer may have recommended us to you, and that’s even better! Regardless if we have worked together or not, we respect all photographers and the incredible work they do. We were actually trained by wedding photographers ourselves, so we have a complete understanding of the work that they do. We have a lot of respect! If we haven’t worked with your photographer, we usually try to reach out to them and introduce ourselves. 


Do you take photos too?

  • We are incredibly flattered to have been asked this, but we sadly do not! Filmmaking in general is already an incredible task, and we honestly feel that there are so many talented photographers that already do such breathtaking work. If you’re looking for a photographer, we have a list of the best photographers that match in style, and align with our approach with natural light and posing. We’ve also worked with them before as well, so it’s a win-win! 


Do you offer raw footage?

  • This is the only question Dezi and I are hesitant towards, because raw files are VERY different from photo to video. We sometimes will take several passes on your rings (for example) about 4-5 times, sometimes more, in one take. We take the best parts, and with a little movie and editing magic, begin to create your film. Some footage has multiple camera angles, and we have to sync the audio to match the footage (like the Ceremony, for example). With raw footage, you don’t get that. It is “as-is” content that is not edited, color corrected, and no audio synced. We do not advertise it, but we do offer it for a flat price, and it is non-refundable.


What’s an unplugged ceremony?

  • Its only the BEST thing you could ever do!! Seriously. It really is. Imagine this: you’re walking down the aisle, all of your friends and family are there. But you can’t see their faces, because they have a gigantic iPad, phone, or Go Pros plastered on their faces, or otherwise being distracting. And yes, we’ve seen iPad Pros, and they definitely make better doors than windows! You spend a lot of time planning your wedding, down to every little detail. Why not have your guests fully present as you and your fiancé begin the next incredible stage of your lives together? Not only that, but you also invest a lot of time, energy, and money into your photo and film. It never fails when an eager uncle or friend stands in front of us while filming and we have to move as quickly as possible so that we don’t miss something important (like the kiss!). And while we move, that can be a distraction for your guests, and they aren’t paying attention to you.