The North Carolina Story, part 3

The North Carolina Story, pt. 3

There are over a million moments that we get to experience. A billion in a lifetime, probably more. How do you define that one moment when you just... knew? When you knew from a first kiss that your souls would be entwined together, forever? When you knew that everything was going work the way it was supposed to?

After canceling our hike to Triple Falls, and warming ourselves, our bridal party had some downtime to enjoy to themselves. We took this time to get a change of clothes, and to test our equipment. It was the quietest car ride back to the hotel. What if we turned our equipment on, and our cameras didn't work? What would we do? Dezi and I were totally (internally) freaking out. We prayed that everything would function, and that we would be able to continue our work.

In that moment, we sincerely counted our blessings; the rain had passed, and our equipment worked. All of it! We were able to make our way to the reception, and we were greeted with nothing but smiles. The whole family was in such good spirits, because everything was happening the way it should be.

Later in the evening, our couple, Brianna and David, approached us with a unique question, "would we be able to do our ceremony over again?" We knew this moment was important, that defined why Dezi and I love doing what we do. We knew that the ceremony we had captured in the rain was covered by the water on our lenses. Of course, without hesitation, we said yes.

The next morning, we suited up and headed back to the lake house. We had all agreed to have the ceremony with just the immediate bridal party, and that if there were any family members that wanted to watch, were more than welcome to. After the ceremony, we would go on our hike, and get stunning film of our couple while there. Not only were we ready, but the whole family and bridal party was too; everyone was dressed back up. The weather was also at its best, the sun shone brightly and was even a little warm. The second ceremony had begun

There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd; all of the family was able to watch their beloved children repeat their heartfelt vows, and commit to each other their undying love. We were able to take them to their spot in Triple Falls, and they even read their vows again. The forest fell silent, and to this day, I still get goosebumps thinking of that moment.