The North Carolina Story, part 2

The North Carolina Story, pt. 2


Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in a washing machine? You're probably thinking "who thinks that?" There is no other accurate way of describing what it's like being caught in a rainstorm. In the mountains. As soon as our bride walked down, that rain P O U R E D. Dezi and I were drenched within seconds. With our cameras.

Our bride, Brianna, is a bad ass. You heard us right! BAD. ASS. Because she didn't let the rain stop her. She didn't let the wind prevent her from walking down that aisle. She looked right at David, and nothing else mattered. That, is love. Even David eased into his stance when we he saw his stunning bride walk. To them, there was no rain. They were entirely in their own universe, and we were on the outside, watching. I don't know if I had goosebumps from the breeze or from watching they're vows take place. I'm gonna go with the latter on this one.

Immediately after the ceremony, everyone ran to the lake house to dry. Fireplaces were started, and clothes were changed out. Us, on the other hand, immediately started drying our equipment. We grabbed any towel that was offered to us (shirts too!), and proceeded to dry everything. All the while, we were totally panicking on the inside. What would we do if our equipment didn't work? It was a reality we couldn't live in. We only hoped for the best.

Their photographer, Lindsey, and I sat down with Brianna and we had the hard decision to make about our hike. We checked the weather and saw that there was a thunderstorm for another hour in the area, and the remainder of the day was going to rain. We decided, for our bride and groom's safety, to cancel the hike.