The North Carolina Story, part 1

The North Carolina Story (pt.1)

We had an early start to the day on 4/14, waking up at about 5:30am to pack our equipment and be close to hike ready, since after the ceremony, our couple wanted to hike in Pisgah Forest (can we get a heck yes?!?!). It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, with a warm sun and a cooling breeze. It was sincerely, the most ideal weather for a beautiful afternoon ceremony. Everyone was in fantastic spirits, and there were so many moments between family that we were able to capture.

Things started to take an interesting turn when our beloved drone (lovingly named 'Jerome' by our nephew, which has kinda stuck), decided to take a dive in the nearby trees. Yup, accidents can even happen to us. Somehow, a tree branch had ejected the battery from our drone, which sent it into the trees. Thankfully, those same trees saved our Jerome the drone! With a trail of a battery and a broken propeller, we were able to recover Jerome. We made the decision to keep it landed until we tested it later on in the day. Everything else went smoothly. Our bride had her first look with her father, which left not a dry eye in the room. It was then that we all started to notice the skies turning dark, and we quickened our pace, with the fear that the weather was going to turn. All of the bridal party had walked down to the ceremony, with the exception of our bride and father. By this time, it was a light sprinkle, nothing too crazy. The bell was rung for the bride to walk, and the musicians started to play "Here Comes The Bride". Then the heavens opened, and poured down on us.