Melissa + John

Miami, Florida

The Story:

“Most people come to the beaches of Miami and write their names and hearts in the sand, and eventually the tide comes and carries it away. But your love is different, because it was written in the stars, for all of us here to admire.”

Melissa and John met in Orlando through a mutual friend. When they met, they knew immediately that they were perfect for each other. This was so apparent on the day of their wedding; they were so anxious to see each other on their wedding day! It was a day so full of laughter and joy, it was infectious. Melissa’s maid of honor nailed it when she said that “they are the kind of couple you love to be around”. Because it is so true.


Photographer: Alee Gleibermann Photography

Filmmakers: Made With Love Films

Ceremony: Plymouth Congregational Church, Miami FL

Reception: Women’s Club of Coconut Grove, FL