Kristy + Ben | Wedding Teaser

Wright by the Sea, Florida

The Story

"I learned that Kristy and Benjamin met in a laboratory, not long after graduating from university. I pondered this for a little bit, and I looked up the definition of laboratory, which is any place, situation, set of conditions or the like conductive to experimentation, investigation, and observation. And I can't help but think that, 'yes, in that lab, there was some experimentation, investigation, and observation going on, and a discovery was made! Benjamin and Kristy investigated each other, and observed that they were in love."

Their officiant truly said it best; from the onset, it was perfectly clear that Kristy and Ben absolutely adored each other, and their great sense of humor and the profound wealth of love they had for each other was truly moving. They wed on a beautiful Florida day totally surrounded by their immediate and close family and friends. Before the night was over, we truly felt as part of their family, cracking jokes and breaking it down on the dance floor! 

We invite you to to feel the way that we felt that day while listening to Kristy and Ben gave their vows. Just get those tissues ready.

- Erin