Kaitlyn + Steven | Wedding Teaser

Key Largo Beach Lighthouse, Florida

The Story

Kaitlyn and Steven met in the most craziest of circumstances: Instagram. What started as likes here, and comments on posts there, they eventually started to message each other. Jokingly, Kaitlyn told Steven that they may as well get married, since they were obviously perfect for each other. There was a catch: he lived in England, while she lived in the United States. 

Love knows no bounds or distance, and these two made it work. They would travel often to see each other, Steven visiting the States and meeting Kaitlyn's family and friends, and Kaitlyn making the trek "across the pond" to spend as much time as she could with the love of her life. They maintained their long distance relationship for a little over a year, when Steven was visiting Kaitlyn in her home state of New Jersey. They took a walk on the beach, where Steven proposed to Kaitlyn, asking her to spend the rest of their lives together, forever.  

Their wedding day was tender and heartfelt, surrounded by their closest family and friends on the sunny beaches of Key Largo FL. Just like that day that Steven proposed to Kaitlyn, they committed their lives together on the sandy shores. 

- Erin