Kaitlyn + Steven


Once an ocean apart, their love knew no bounds.

Exactly 364 days before their first anniversary, we are still in awe over this couple. They have endured so much in their early days of dating, and in their marriage too! To recap, Steven is from England, and Kaitlyn is from America. How did they meet? It started with a like on Instagram.

Now, almost 1 year later, Kaitlyn and Steven have welcomed their baby girl, Isla (she’s a super cutie btw!!), and they purchased their first home together in New Jersey. They are so supportive of each other and it has been absolutely amazing being present on not just their wedding day, but their day to day lives. Dezi and I are so grateful to not just call them clients, but true friends. We’ve opened our homes and personal lives to each other, and mine and Dezi’s life have been that much richer with Kaitlyn and Steven in it.

What I absolutely LOVE about their film is Dezi’s careful attention to their story. Dezi uses a lot of visual cues to represent their beginnings, like wide views of the water and surrounding locations, as well as their present. Small moments become big moments (like how Kaitlyn’s mom watches her daughter getting ready with SO much love in her eyes. Gets me every time!!).

There are so many favorite parts in their film, but our top five wedding moments was when Kaitlyn and Steven jumped into the pool at their reception. I’ll leave it at that, because it is SO EPIC in their film!

We proudly present the highlight film of Kaitlyn and Steven, and wish them the happiest anniversary. Catch up on their story here.